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Get Excellent Customer Feedback With FourEyes

Today’s Killer Startup: FourEyes


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Elevator Pitch:

FourEyes is “smart streamlined surveys for ‘data enthusiasts.’”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Every startup founder worth her salt knows that customer feedback is essential for startup success.  However, unlike brick and mortar businesses, you can’t see your customers’ faces or note which things they leave on the plate or ask them face-to-face what they think. Startups have to rely on totally inefficient methods like sending out mass emails and hoping that they can rise above the noise that is everyone’s overcrowded inboxes.


FourEyes provides an elegant solution to that inelegant problem. Currently in beta, the site will allow users to create surveys using their easy drag and drop builder. You can choose from a range of question types in order to make sure that you’re asking the right questions, including branching, skip logic, and ones that are more complex.


Once the survey is made, sending it out is as easy as uploading a contact list. If you don’t want to send it right away, you can schedule it for later without any problems.


But the real fun with FourEyes comes later, once the results start rolling in. Rather than just giving you a list of numbers, FourEyes does some serious data mining for you. They’ll dig up relationships between different variables in your survey that you probably would never even think of looking for, giving you valuable insights to help push your company forward.


Oh, also, did I mention that this is all for free? Badass.


FourEyes is also a great resource for bloggers and journalists who want to do surveys of their audiences. Are you curious what your readers are really digging? What to crowdsource for an article? Hit up FourEyes and make it work for you.



The Number 1 Factor for #Startup Success: Customer feedback. Do it right with @getfoureyes


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Author : Emma McGowan

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