Get An Unfiltered Peek Into The Life Of An Anonymous Stranger

Today’s Killer Startup: Tworlds


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Elevator Pitch:

Tworlds is a photo app that anonymously shares a moment of your life with a moment of someone else’s life in a random location in another part of the world.


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

Photo apps were exploding all over the marketplace for a while. It seemed like everyone wanted to be the next Instagram, capitalizing on our newly enhanced narcissism and the fact that billions of people worldwide can now instantly and cheaply take pictures.


Most of them failed. Let’s be real: most of them were kind of shit.


But Tworlds is a fun new photo app that I hope doesn’t go the way of hundreds before it. The app wants to foster a different kind of connection by sharing snapped pics – no filters and no photos from your library allowed. Each user pics a hashtag that they want to follow and then receives a pic taken at the same time as theres that has the same hashtag.


The app’s founders view the app as having a variety of different uses. They see it first and foremost as a way to offer a raw, unfiltered view of your world to someone else, kind of like the anti-Instagram. They also know that it could be a kind of competition between users, which is honestly the use-case that I connected with the most.


For example, I chose the hashtag #WOW and sent out a photo of the awesome hanging chairs in my coworking space, which are pretty damn cool. The photo that I got back was… a picture of someone’s iPad? I can’t even really see what’s on it so you, Los Angeles person, definitely lose in the contest of whose moment was better.


But not everyone is as competitive as I am and I’m sure some of you will be connecting over similar moments, like beautiful sunsets and late night insomnia. Regardless of how you use the app, however, Tworlds is a fun way to share something about your life and get a little glimpse in to the life of someone else.



Get a little glimpse into the life of a stranger – and share a taste of your own – with @tworldsapp. #connect


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