Get a Grip on Credit Card Processing Fees with Fee Audit

The majority of business owners see credit card processing fees as a “necessary evil” and continue to pay locked-in percentages without giving it a second thought.  But the reality, especially for small businesses, is that these fees can add up quickly and do financial damage; and real savings are there for the taking if you dig a little deeper.  Stop paying more than you should every time you swipe with Fee Audit: a credit card processing fee statement analyzer from Frontline Processing Corporation.

Fee Audit allows you to compare your business’s credit card processing rates with rates from other industry leaders to see how they stack up.  What’s more, once you find a rate that’s more appealing than your current, you can lock it in right away with just a few clicks.


The days of settling for exorbitant rates set by financial giants that won’t budge are over.  Additional features offered by the Fee Audit platform include:

Free – Fee Audit is one of the only simple ways to compare your rates that’s 100% free for businesses.

Effortless – Getting instant rate comparisons is made incredibly simple through an easy-to-use web platform.

Confidential – Your activity on Fee Audit will not be publicized to credit card processing companies or anyone else.

Customer service – Both phone and live chat support are available to serve your needs.

When we say easy, we mean it.  To see how much you could be saving on this ever-present expense, just visit the Fee Audit web platform and answer the 4-question form at the left of the page.  From there, just click the “Calculate Rates” button to view and compare – and then follow the prompts to lock in your savings.