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geoXtract.comIt is a hot new trend these days to view and analyze data on an online map. geoXtract™ is a data extraction system that allows users to easily integrate their data with Google Maps™ and Google Earth™.


You can process hundreds and thousands of records from Excel spreadsheets, Access databases, and CSV files. The service does this by using a “wizard” interface that leads you through data selection, data configuration, data processing, and data publishing. You then save and publish your data to the sites your want, such as Google Maps or your web server or just a local network drive. geoXtract™ also allows you to save your data processing configuration as a project, so you can edit the map when data changes. The program is free, but to benefit from more services and functions, the chargers start at $50 a year and goes up to $220 a year for the most premium level. In Their Own Words

“geoXtract™ is a powerful desktop application that provides users with an easy way to integrate existing data in a variety of formats with Google Maps™ and Google Earth™.*

geoXtract™ allows you to create a Google Map™ from scratch that displays your data. In addition, all data processed using geoXtract™ can also be viewed in the powerful Google Earth™ 3-D globe explorer.

There is absolutely no programming required.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

This service will undoubtedly increase the ease and efficiency for those industries, nonprofits, government agencies and other companies that rely on online mapping to view and analyze data.

Some Questions About

Are nonprofits and the government aware of this service? It looks pretty easy, but can an average government worker figure the process out with ease (and be able to defend it to a questioning public)? How many customers have signed up for the paying accounts? When do they hope to start making a profit?

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