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GeoStickerAre you planning on traveling to; France, Belgium, Spain, or the Netherlands? If you are GeoSticker could help you get a better idea of the layout of cities within these countries. GeoSticker gives you city maps that are detailed and thorough.

To begin, choose one of the four countries, then choose a city and press “go” to get your map. You can get even more detailed maps, if you enter an address or zipcode. If you are having difficulty finding how to get to your hostel, put the address in GeoSticker and get a map of that neighborhood. You can zoom in or out to get a better idea of what main roads are close to the address. You can also search through the city map, zooming in and GeoSticker gives you the zipcode of the area you are zooming in on. GeoSticker will most likely be used on other sites that feature tourism and social networking. Don’t get lost, find your way with GeoSticker.

GeoSticker In Their Own Words

“Push and pop content directly on the map”

Why GeoSticker It Might Be A Killer

GeoSticker has a clear and detailed map. Within the four countries you can find any street you are searching for, which is great if you are looking for directions. You can also zoom in and out to see other intersecting streets. The quick links are a great feature for tourist who will most likely be interested in the principle cities of these countries. You can get a good idea of the city layout with GeoSticker.

Some Questions About GeoSticker could definitely use some more information on the website, such as an “about us” an “FAQ” section. GeoSticker only gives you maps of cities not of the whole country. It might be useful for tourists to be able to see maps of countries as well as cities. Will GeoSticker expand to include more countries besides; France, Belgium, Spain, and the Netherlands?

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