Make Sure Your Website Looks Right, Anywhere In The World, With GeoPeeker

Today’s Killer Startup: GeoPeeker


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Elevator Pitch:

GeoPeeker “is a tool for web developers that makes it possible to remotely view a site from numerous geographic locations quickly.”


Why It’s A Killer Startup:

GeoPeeker solves an extremely “now” kind of problem: figuring out how your website looks in locations around the world. Founder Chris Lewis found that he was sick of calling up friends on the West Coast to find out how a site he was working on translated to a remote location. Did the DNS propagate properly? Was it distorted? What did it look like?


His solution is GeoPeeker, which is built on a network of servers that physically exist in 12 locations around the world. Their free service lets you enter any URL and see almost immediately how it appears in six different locations. However, it’s the Pro and Enterprise options that really give users the the customization and perspectives they need to truly make sure that their site is appearing just as it should, worldwide.


The Pro package comes in at $9 a month or $99 a year – and for that (crazy) low price you get 12 locations, six languages, seven resolutions, three advanced peek slots, extended support, advanced site info, and basic API access. The Enterprise package ups your access even further; for details check out this page.


Even if you’re not especially concerned with how your site looks (although you should be), GeoPeeker is great for making sure that your site’s region-specific features are showing up properly, for seeing if a site is down, and for troubleshooting speed issues, to name just a few of the features available.


So if you’re suffering from the very 2015 problem of not knowing if your site is working worldwide, head over to GeoPeeker and pick the package that’s best for you. Actually, head over there anyway and mess around with entering URLs into their free tool. It’s an awesomely geeky kind of fun.



Not sure if your site is showing up right around the world? Take a peek with @GeoPeeker


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