– Checking In Made Simple & Smooth

GeoLorean.comA limitless number of applications and tools that are connected with location-based networks have surfaced in the last couple of weeks, and if you are fed up with it all already then that would be understandable. However, a handful of really good applications did see release over the last couple of days, including one named Check.

In for checking in to the same place via different networks simultaneously.

It turns out that such an application is not something that stands absolutely alone. It is actually integrated with the one I am introducing to you right now. Named GeoLorean, it comes with one (noticeable) improvement: it will let you see an aggregated view of your friends over all the networks that are supported. This application is available at the App Store right now, for every single person who regards himself as an advocate of the location-based phenomenon.

Using GeoLorean is not something that would require a lengthy elucidation: when you launch it, you get to see a unified stream showing who checked where. And if you want to make your location public through several of these networks, you will be able to do it as mentioned above – Check.In will launch within GeoLorean, right within the app (not in a separate window). So everything is kept as familiar as you could wish for. In Their Own Words

“GeoLorean is a simple service that shows your friends’ check-ins from popular location based social networks like Gowalla, Brightkite, and Foursquare in one stream.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It turns the location-based scene into something more transparent and accessible.

Some Questions About

When are new services being added to the list? What is the most noticeable omission?