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GeoImpress.comWhen it comes to searching for applications and solutions that are developed to let you find information on any specific part of the planet, you need to make sure that they work fast and efficiently. Otherwise you will end up wasting time and energy without finding the data or images you need. stands as an efficient application that is intended to supplement most popular search engines by actually letting you find pictures of any location you are interested in.

Let’s say you want to travel to a different country and you need to know about it but you do not want to go through the annoying process of setting an appointment with a touristic operator. Those who do not want to waste time by going through this process need something different.

The way this solution works is simple and fast because you just need to click on the map to see a diversity of data. By now the system has integrated the conveniences of Twitter and Flickr with the efficiency provided by Google maps. In this way you can take a look at any place you want, and learn about it through people tweeting there. Simple and effective, this startup has great potential. In Their Own Words

“GeoImpress is an application that has been developed for everyone interested in a certain place all over the world. There’s no more need to use common search engines in order to find pictures of your favored location! No need to even visit a tourist agency if you want to know whats going on at you travel destination.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Because it integrates many services in one site, being consequently useful to those people looking for information about different places in the world.

Some Questions About

Will this solution link to different informational resources like Wikipedia in the future?