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GeoGraffiti.comGeoGraffiti enables the open exchange of location-specific opinions and advice in Voice Mark form with any phone. Users can virtually “mark” real world places by publishing a Voice Mark message.

A Voice Mark is a short voice message captured via phone that shares information (e.g. opinions, tips, warnings, advice) about a venue, event, promotion, or really anything else one cares to share. Voice Marks are linked to a locality using a zip code, or geo-tagged to an exact spot on the earth using latitude/longitude coordinates. While visiting different places throughout the day, GeoGraffiti enables anybody with a phone to express opinions and local insight by publishing a Voice Mark – leaving a virtual information mark behind to be heard by those who follow. Conversely, those who follow can search GeoGraffiti for Voice Mark content while on location when the information is most pertinent. In Their Own Words

“We built GeoGraffiti for public use and enjoyment, with a focus on enabling the ever-growing community of mobile phone users to openly express, share, aggregate, and retrieve local opinions in voice form. GeoGraffiti is our response to the obvious need to unite and share the collective local knowledge contained within our estimated 200 million U.S. mobile phone subscriber base, and by doing so satisfy some of today’s “on-the-go” informational needs.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

GeoGraffiti’s location-based Voice Mark content is in 100% voice form so it can be accessed by any phone, any place. No fancy phones/PDAs required and no software downloads necessary. GeoGraffiti’s platform organizes the mobile phone community’s “wisdom of crowds” intelligence in voice message form so its easily accessible while on location from any mobile phone.

Some Questions About

Is this service available for every mobile carrier? Will they make it available for people outside the US?


Yes, GeoGraffiti can be used by making a plain old telephone call to (213) 221-3802, so it works on all mobile phones and all carriers. The launch of our public beta is focused on US specific Voice Mark content, but we plan to support non-US content in the future.

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