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Genepartner.comOnline dating is so ten years ago. Finding your love match based on DNA is where it’s at.


GenePartner is a site that lets users find their best partner match based on the two people’s algorithm and DNA compatibility. For $199, GenePartner will analyze users’ DNA based on a saliva sample. Once the sample is processed, each user receives a GenePartnerID number. When users meet another GenePartner user, either online or in person, that he is interested in, he can enter that other person’s GenePartnerID in to see how their chromosomes match up. There is no limit to how many times or how often users can compare their genetic compatibility with others, so GenePartner daters can feel free scour the genetic dating pool until they find that special someone. In Their Own Words

“At GenePartner we are dedicated to help you find your ideal life partner. Our formula is based on research on hundreds of couples and analyzes the pattern of genetic combinations found in successful relationships. Using this formula we will determine the probability for a satisfying and long-lasting romantic relationship between two people.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It was inevitable that science would take us as far as picking our partners based on genetic capability. This tool is fun, useful, and, relatively speaking, affordable. Furthermore, it is credible, as the tool itself is based on a famous study conducted to research how our genes attract us to certain people.

Some Questions About

How can pairs be encouraged to take the Couple Test for $299? What additional features may be added?

Author : Bill Webb

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