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Gekko.comSimply put, Gekko is a new recommendation engine that will enable anybody to find hotels and restaurants based on the profile information that he submits. This profile is then matched with other individuals, and a list of results is produced for him to go through.

The system has the added advantage of learning from your actions. In practice, that means that the more time you spend on the site, then the more it will automatically suit you and reflect your tastes when coming up with suggestions.

In addition to that, links to online travel companies are actively provided for you to take care of bookings in an uncomplicated manner.

It is important to stress that the site is still in beta, and that means that some searches are a bit circumscribed as a result. For instance, the hotel search itself spans only a couple of cities such as London, New York and Paris. Still, the site is more than usable as it stands right now, and if you want to see what it is all about by yourself you will come out with a defined impression. In Their Own Words

“Gekko gives you personalised recommendations you can trust based on your unique profile and the preferences of like-minded people in the community. By taking you through the Gekko Profiler, Gekko can build your customized, individual profile and use this to make targeted recommendations from the largest collection of hotels online today. We can also tell you how similar you are to other Gekko members, helping you decide how heavily to weight their reviews and opinions. We can even learn more about you as you spend time on the site, so our recommendations just get better over time.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It is a practical way of finding spots that will appeal to you, and that will cater for different ends such as a family getaway or a business trip.

Some Questions About

When will the site lose its “beta” tag?