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Takes One To Know One: Geek Talent Simplifies Recruitment

What would you say if you were told that you have over 30 million potential applicants for a job opening at your company?


Would you laugh in disbelief? Would you cry at the impossible prospect of screening so many people? Or would you calmly sip your coffee and look forward to meeting your next hire among a handful of worthy candidates?


If the last option sounds dreamy, prepare for Geek Talent to make your dream come true.



Geek Talent is software – by a data science company of the same name – that enables companies to search for staff with less expense and effort. They’re on a mission to make “recruiting technical talent as easy as performing a Google search.”


For starters, patented technology connects employers with the right people by aggregating information from all over the Internet. Geek Talent builds a single profile of each individual that includes a skills ranking as well as shows how both sides are connected through social networks, though neither party might be aware of a link.


Assessments take into account education, job experience, skills, availability and other information from social networks that wouldn’t ordinarily turn up on a CV. Semantic search and other more intuitive calculations help Geek Talent to find stellar recruits that could go undetected if judged solely on their resumes.


The right person for a job may not even be actively looking for work, but Geek Talent will still make a potential perfect fit visible. (And who doesn’t fantasize about landing a dream job without having to look for it?)


The unique profiles and rankings that Geek Talent produces save companies a tremendous amount in recruiting fees, and significantly speed up the process of vetting talent. In fact, the intelligent gathering of public data eliminates the need for outside consulting altogether. Instead of paying head hunters or HR personnel a fortune to sift through possibilities, Geek Talent brings only a few of the most promising prospects to a company’s immediate attention.


Businesses may turn to Geek Talent for one-time help creating a shortlist of prospects or opt for larger plans to match their staffing needs. Regardless of the business size, Geek Talent can keep the pipeline of tech talent full.


Oh, and that 30 million figure mentioned earlier wasn’t arbitrary. Geek Talent has already amassed over that number of profiles of people qualified in engineering, math, finance, technology, science and other fields.


Students keen on positioning themselves early on for great jobs should investigate another Geek Talent product, Career Hacker, which relies on real-time employment and recruitment data to deliver smarter career advice – and help students make more informed decisions about their future.


Recruiting has been a colossal (and costly) headache for everyone involved. Why not pass the task of searching for people off onto technology? More employment, less hassles: huge wins for everyone. Learn more about how Geek Talent solves big problems in employment, education, and economy at


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