Ge.La.To – A Brand New Online Dating Service

Ge.La.ToGelato can defined as a new solution that was created with the intention to provide users with a real-time online dating service. This service uses your Facebook profile or Twitter account in order to start working and making matches.

It can also be applied in conjunction with Flickr. In this way you can be benefited by a system that gives you the chance of creating a really authentic profile so others can get to know you better.

Gelato, then, has come to the scene with the intention of changing the whole concept of online dating by basing its approach on Twitter and all the other social websites so you can follow someone for a couple of weeks and decide if you would like to date him/her or not.

The system works in a pretty simple way, and you just need to type some keywords in order to start matching your interests with people that are also looking to date others like you. There are also many categories you can search through in order to find the person you would like to date, and the best way for you to learn more about it is by giving the site a visit and seeing if it clicks with you or not.

Ge.La.To In Their Own Words

“On other dating sites, written profiles all sound the same. We’re all laid back, like long walks on the beach and having a good time. These profiles are static, flat and fall short of conveying who a person really is. Too often we end up on dates where we don’t have much in common with the other person.

Gelato is reinventing the way people date online.

Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, Netflix and other social networks offer great windows into our everyday lives. Pulling information from these social networks and supplementing that with our own writing leads to a more dynamic, multi-faceted profile that updates automatically. This makes it harder to create fake profiles and easier to meet like-minded people. That makes for better dates. And that is Gelato.!”

Why Ge.La.To It Might Be A Killer

It will be helpful for those looking for interesting people to go on a date with.

Some Questions About Ge.La.To

How is the safety of the service ensured? Ge.La.To