Gcast.com – Be Heard, Free Podcasting

Gcast.comGCast will host your podcasts for free. So what’s the trick, you ask? Ads.

You’ll get advertisements placed within your casts, possibly, and they’re placing ads in videos and on audio networks. There will be an option for ad-free podcasts, for a price, though. Once you’ve decided to set your voice to the net, you’ll have several options.

You can create playlists, with the site’s Playlist Manager, and add files from your own computer, from a phone, or from GarageBand. Once your playlist has been published, GCast mixes it up into one continuous Mp3 file for your podcast. You can record your entire podcast via your mobile or house phone and you can embed you podcast into your blog or web page. Subscribers can get their podcast fix via email alerts.

Gcast.com In Their Own Words

“Gcast is run by the same people that run GarageBand.com. Our goal with GarageBand is to redefine how music is discovered and promoted. Our goal with Gcast is to make personal broadcasting simple. In pursuing these goals we hope to democratize both music and media.
What’s a podcast? Your own audio broadcast, where you can easily record voice messages, mix in your favorite music, and share it all for the world to hear.
Yes, it’s all FREE. And we hope to keep it that way by supporting our services with audio or video ads (we’ll probably also offer options to pay for ad-free podcasts).”

Why Gcast.com It Might Be A Killer

This is a very pedestrian approach to podcasting. It’s geared for your average, non-techo nerd and as such it’s quite easily implemented. You record and go. You can do it from your mobile, and to add some beats, songs can be pulled in from GarageBand. Nothing too tough to handle, definitely has mass market appeal.

Some Questions About Gcast.com

Ads, will they be too obtrusive and bothersome? Are there limits as to length and content of each podcast? Will Gcast be able to run a free service, without resorting to memberships and extra features? Gcast.com