– A Keyboard Designed For Gmail Users

Gboard.comHow active are you in terms of Gmail usage? Do you ever feel that using a shortcut or two could lead you to an overall smother experience and free up time that could be better employed elsewhere? If you nodded along to these questions, this new device might be worth a good look. In essence, it is a keypad that you plug into your USB port, and it will enable you to employ a wide range of shortcuts.

For example, some of the featured keys include “Reply”, “Reply All”, “Forward”… I am sure you get the idea.

In terms of technical requirements, all that you need is a desktop or a laptop with US keyboard layout and a USB port. Both Mac OS and Ubuntu are supported in addition to Windows, and the Gboard works and is installed in a very similar way. Mac users might have to resort to the Keyboard Setup Assistant in order to be able to use it.

Again, how useful something like this will turn out to be depends solely on the volume of emails that you have to handle. It is blatantly obvious that the average Joe will not find this really useful. Still, credit where it is due – it is quite a novel device. The fact that it won’t be used by everyone under the sun does not detract from that at all. In Their Own Words

“Finally a keyboard just for Gmail users.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

The ones who put Gmail to an intensive use will find it a real timesaver.

Some Questions About

In which colors does it come?