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Data Theft Is Increasing. When Will You Take Threats Seriously?

We are funny creatures. We worry about online privacy and then leave our computers and smartphones all over the place for anyone to put their hands and eyes on.



And guess what? No matter how many security breaches we read about, the chances of us doing anything differently are slim. Which is why having data protection that requires zero effort is a great idea.


Time For a Better Lock

This is exactly the sort of peace of mind that GateKeeper provides. It’s a wireless USB lock and chain for your PC and Mac. Step away from your computer with the chain on your person, and you’re automatically logged off after traveling a preset distance. When you return, you’re automatically logged back in – no cumbersome entering and reentering of passwords and, more importantly, no trying to remember then failing to safeguard information.






So, you don’t skip a beat working and you never have to worry about your data being exposed while you’re gone. Simple and sweet.


Go Where You Need To While Data Goes Nowhere

With data breaches on the rise, everyone should be doing a better job of trying to protect themselves. Legions of coffee shop workers would benefit from using this kind of automatic locking system. You might have confidence that some one is looking after your computer while you’re in the bathroom, but shouldn’t risk anyone accessing your data even for a second.





Likewise, in any office with traffic, GateKeeper is an easy way to ensure data is secure when computers are left unattended. No matter the field – law and security, health care, startups – in situations when professionals are on the move, GateKeeper protects sensitive data without any fuss. (It also prevents nosy friends and family from prying into our private lives!)


Save Time Wasted Searching For Stuff

Together with the GateKeeper smartphone app, users have even more control over valuable possessions. Wander too far from your smartphone, and the chain will sound an alarm, so you never leave your phone behind in a taxi, restaurant or anywhere else again. Vice versa, you don’t have to worry about losing the chain because your phone will alert you if you stray too far without it.


When you misplace an object with a chain attached, you can use the “locate” function of the app and track down your belongings thanks to Bluetooth. If anyone tries to steal your stuff, alerts will let you know when objects are about to travel out of range.



Screen shot 2014-12-09 at 2.05.51 PM



Do you tend to forget to secure your data when your away from the work desk? Concerned about employee lapses in your organization leading to data theft? Have a closer look at how the GateKeeper can help you protect valuable data and devices at


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