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Gastus.comLooking for a better way to keep track of your expenses? Tired of keeping tons of papers? Gastus is a free application that helps you manage your daily expenses. Gastus offers an incredibly easy way to know exactly how much you’ve paid every month.


You can categorize expenses by types and concepts, and make nice pie charts and graphs to analyze your data. Everything is about expenses control, right? Gastus provides an easy 1-click way to find, modify and introduce expenses. Optionally, you can enter a description to identify better that expense later. You can see expenses by date or by concept and have a listing of this month’s expenses, this week, last week, or last month expenses. Each expense must belong to one concept, lets say Internet, Electronic Gadgets, Electricity & Gas, or Vacations and Special Weekends. You can add, edit, and delete a concept. A concept belongs to a type of expense, and is mainly used to categorize expenses in a more detailed form. You can use types like Home, Extras, Vehicle, Personal, Taxes, to easily classify your expenses. Gastus also provides an easy and visual way to control your expenses, with integrated graphic pies and ability to compare between months. The dashboard offers a simple evolution graphic for the last 12 months, but many other features will be added soon. To work with Gastus you’ll need a modern standard-compliant web browser such as Firefox 2 or later, Internet Explorer 6 or later, or Safari, and obviously, an internet connection. In Their Own Words

“Gastus is a free service, and will remain free forever. Maybe we’ll add some extra funcionalities in near future available only to payment accounts, but current functionalities will be free forever, we promise you. We guarantee you that we don’t access nor share your personal information, including email and expenses. Your data is only yours.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Gastus is a simple application that allows users introduce expenses in just 2 clicks. The integrated graphic pies provide an easy and attractive way of controlling expenses and comparing them with previous months. If you only want to control your expenses, rather than your economy, Gastus seems a very good option. There is a sizeable audience for this kind of easy to use financial applications.

Some Questions About

Have they taken seriously security matters? What happens in the case someone loses its data?


In its latest update Gastus also offers tracking of incomes and a specific UI for iPhone.

Author : Caroline Bright

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