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Garagegames.comGarageGames is a site that has everything for both the game developer and the lover of games. They provide engines and tools for those looking to develop games and have an impressive list of high-profile partners in the gaming industry.

The site is not only intended for the big corporate players as it also provides an online publishing label for independent games and provides tools and advice for new game makers. Not only do they provide the engines, but GarageGames also produces its own content. So whether you are new to game development and need some tools to get started, an experienced developer looking for the right engine or just someone who likes playing games, GarageGames has it all. In Their Own Words

“GarageGames is a developer of game engine technology and tools, an online publishing label for independent games and a thriving online community of independent developers. We are also a distributor of game content to aid development and a first party developer of great independent games!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

GarageGames has already gained traction in the game industry and appears to have what it takes to become a major games developer. Look for their label to appear increasingly over the next few years.

Some Questions About

With an impressive number of games already developed, what do they have in store for the future? Perhaps allowing people to play their games online with other users?