– A Network For The Videogame Industry

Gameleon.netGameleon is a niche social network that is aimed at videogame journalists. Here, they can gain new ideas and insight by interacting with each other, request feedback on their work and the web destinations they are assigned to, and (overall) broaden their professional horizons.

This is made all the more direct by way of the job board that is provided.

And the site has even more to offer, since you can learn all about upcoming events such as tradeshows and exhibitions, and hopefully make new connections like that.

You can sign up at no cost, and when doing so you will be requested to choose what kind of account you want to create. Five options are already provided: “Game Press”, “Game Publisher”, “Game Developer”, “Game Related Company” and “PR Agency”.

All in all, this new network is truly a multipurpose one, and it will cater for its intended public more than minutely. Discussions on anything that has to do with the gaming industry are kept concise and to the point, and that can but benefit all the members of it in the end. In Their Own Words

“The online networking hub for members of the videogame industry´s press corps.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There is nothing else like it, and its potential userbase is phenomenally huge.

Some Questions About

What does it take to list an event on the site?