– Mixing Flickr With FourSquare

Gallery.Swingvine.comAre you fond of Flickr? Do you enjoy using FourSquare? If both questions were answered positively, then this new service will be one you would like to check. It will let you create a gallery showcasing photos from your FourSquare check-ins in an entirely natural way, and at no cost whatsoever.

That is, the site concentrates on the core mechanics of capturing mobile photos and check-ins and then displaying the results in a visually-appealing presentation.

This service can be used both from the Web and from an iPhone, and while it works well in both cases it stands out when launched from an iPhone if only because everything becomes synced, and photos are added to the gallery the moment that you are taking them. Additionally, the gallery includes some bells and whistles like a travel map overlaid with these photos that you have taken along with a stream of your location updates. If you combine all that together, I think you will arrive at the same conclusion as me: this app is the closest to letting people who are at home (like your parents) become part of any trip you are undertaking. And all the content is shareable in social networking sites, too. In Their Own Words

“Create a stunning photo gallery from your iPhone or the web.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It provides an involving travel experience for just anybody – both the traveler and his friends sample the same things in near real-time through such an app.

Some Questions About

Will more mobiles be eventually supported?