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GageIn.comGageIn is a networking site that is primarily aimed at business users. Here, entrepreneurs will be able to gather and share business-related data, make new connections, collaborate with already-existing colleagues, and (generally) do business in a way that is more fruitful in less time.

The most noteworthy aspect of GageIn is how data can actually be gathered. Users can follow each other around, and the proprietary algorithm used by GageIn will categorize it in the way that is more convenient for each individual user. And users can likewise receive direct notifications whenever others comment on these links that they have shared (or that others have shared, and which are of relevance to them).

The GageIn website is rounded by a directory of companies, and a blog in which topics such as how to maximize business meetings and how to pick the best metrics are extensively discussed. And there is also a corner in which the best of the best companies are highlighted. In Their Own Words

Uncover business opportunities.

Why It Might Be A Killer

With its focus on letting users be up-to-date on the latest business activity and developments, this is a really interesting professional networking site.

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