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Gafal.comGafal is a new networking resource that is aimed at lover and collectors of books, comics, movies and video games. It will let any such individual keep an ordered catalog of his collection online, effectively automating the process of lending, borrowing and bartering this legitimate physical media.


This means that something collectors naturally resist doing such as lending any title in their possession becomes more palatable since Gafal makes for keeping track of it all. In this way, forgetting who has got what (and which titles you have that don’t belong to you) becomes a thing of the past.

Of course, the site also makes for engaging into conversation with people from all over the world and discussing titles both old and new, writing reviews and making overall recommendations.

Upon joining the site, you will become a member of the relevant community. That is, your library will become part of a wider one that will give others an indication of where it is you are located. Any borrowing process is made suppler as a consequence – you will know who can lend you this or that item in your near vicinity. In Their Own Words

“Gafal is a social media platform that blends the power of social networking with a quick and easy media cataloging interface. Users at Gafal catalog and create personal libraries of their books, DVDs, video games and comics. Communities at Gafal represent physical entities like schools, colleges, businesses and neighborhoods. When users join a community their libraries merge to create community library. Members of a community can search, borrow, sell, buy and exchange items with other members of the community.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Nobody can afford to buy every DVD he wants to watch, or every book he wants to read. Borrowing them from your friends is often the only way. Gafal lets everybody keep track of such activities.

Some Questions About

Will other collectibles become swappable in due time?

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