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FWATheater.comOver at Fwatheater.com you’ll be able to find videos ranging from movie trailers to bumble bees’ break dancing (really).

The site has a growing catalog of videos, from which you’ll be able to create a library to share with your friends and family. The most attractive feature of the site has to be its format. The highly interactive interface will allow you to seamlessly browse through the extensive video catalog. There are many trailers for upcoming movies that can be viewed on the site. This is a great way to get fans of movies that are about to premier to check out the site. The site makes emphasis on computer generated animation. The trailers and most popular videos are all made with computers. Some of the imagery on the site is truly breathtaking, and should provide anyone in the world of computer generated video with the inspiration necessary to create ground breaking images.

FWATheater.com In Their Own Words

“All the new and latest FWA TV Videos”

Why FWATheater.com It Might Be A Killer

The video interface is really catchy and easy to use. Also, users should be able to find enough content to keep them coming back.

Some Questions About FWATheater.com

Why the long loading times? Shouldn’t they try to cut down on that? FWATheater.com