Fuzz.com/Blip – What are you listening to?

Fuzz.com/BlipBlip is like a Twitter for music. Just type in the artist you want to listen to and a list of the songs in the SeeqPod database appear, allowing you to preview each till you find the song you’re looking for.

Select your song, write a message of up to 150 characters describing why you chose that song, and post it to your Blip stream. Just like Twitter, you can view all of your favorite users’ streams as well, or you can just browse the global Blip list to discover new music and new blippers you’d like to follow. Unlike Twitter, it’s easy for you to find users to follow based on their previous Blips, their user name, or their listeners. Your Blip list turns into a play list with keyboard shortcuts to skip to the next Blip, control the volume, pause the music, or refresh your list to see if there are any new additions. If you have an auditory response to another member’s Blip, you can send them a reply as done with Twitter, but in Blip fashion, you can include a song. So start your own group playlist composed of all the tracks your friends are listening to and discover some new great tunes to rock your socks off.

Fuzz.com/Blip In Their Own Words

“Blip is a quick way to tell your friends what song you’re into right this minute. You also find out what your favorite people are listening to in real-time – no need to refresh the page.”

Why Fuzz.com/Blip It Might Be A Killer

This is a good move for Fuzz, because more people will be encouraged to join their site to participate in a project like Blip since the Twitter idea is well known and a musical version is definitely appealing. The interface is attractive and it’s easy to find other users to follow whose musical tastes you’d like to check out. Because you can cross post your blips to other popular sites, Blip will be able to get a lot of easy and free publicity.

Some Questions About Fuzz.com/Blip

Will people want to deal with the Fuzz.com site to log in and edit their profile and what not just to use the site? Currently there aren’t that many people using the site, so the global blip list is pretty barren and not incredibly interesting to check out. How will they encourage people to use this site to update and track what they’re listening to, versus Songza or to discover music with them versus sites like Jango? Fuzz.com/Blip