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Futz.meFutz stands a new way to employ the address bar of your browser. Basically, it will enable anybody to send himself notes, links to pages and pictures from the web – without needing to pay anything for the privilege.


Basically, whatever you send from your address bar is sent straight to your e-mail and your cell phone.

Once you have created an account, you simply add the respective address and the link or picture is sent straight to you. This way, if there is something that you chance upon and wish to share with others at a later time you will be able to do it straightaway.

This new system is being constantly updated, and for the time being pictures are only sent to cell phones, whereas the rest is sent to e-mail. Lets see what features are added next. If you have any ideas when it comes to that, do make a point of contacting the team at the provided address and letting them know. In Their Own Words

“ Beta – Start sending stuff with your address bar.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

A tool like this one enables anybody to capture information that can be found on the web instantly and share it with whomever he wishes later on.

Some Questions About

Which browsers are actually supported?

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