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FutureScanner.netThe MemeBox Future Scanner is a community-powered app that organizes info about the future by year and category. Dedicated to the cutting-edge stories shaping our tomorrow, the Future Scanner is an essential part of every forward-thinking person’s toolkit.


There is a growing body of fascinating and flat-out cool future-related content scattered across the internet. The Future Scanner aggregates this thought-provoking material and presents it in a visually appealing, easily searchable manner. Whether you’re out surfing for leading-edge content, or seriously researching trends, the Future Scanner is a great place to start. In Their Own Words

“The Future Scanner, essentially scans the web for the best future-focused content (predictions by experts, discoveries that will impact future events, product prototypes, industry forecasts, useful resources, etc.) and then sorts it by future Year and Category.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

As technology transforms the world around us at an exponential pace people have an increasing need to know ‘What’s next?’ With its riveting future-focused content, and sleek, original interface it is easy to become immersed in the Future Scanner. The ability to easily search through content by year, category and even scan type makes this application a real pleasure to use. It’s hard to find a better starting point to explore the future than the MemeBox Future Scanner.

Some Questions About

Will they improve the design of the site? Will they add new features to attract new visitors?

Author : Bill Webb

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