FusionTweet.com – Who Tweets More

FusionTweet.comThis is the kind of service you’re sure to find useful if you have a company, and you’ve taken to social services in order to promote it. Which is just the right thing to do, really – sites like Facebook and Twitter have redefined customer relationships for good. That’s where all the action takes place nowadays. And while some find that new context fun and natural, some other people find it taxing and too fast-moving for its own good. Well, these will be able to turn to FusionTweet for help and assistance.

In a nutshell, FusionTweet is a web tool that lets users compare their Twitter activity with that of his competitors. Any person who promotes what he does on Twitter can see exactly what those he is going up against (and who are having more successes) are doing differently.

Of course, a service like FusionTweet is also interesting for individuals who are naturally competitive, and who see everything like a game. They’ll get to figure out the exact rate at which their “frenemies” are tweeting, and take all the necessary steps for outplaying them.

FusionTweet.com In Their Own Words

Compare your Twitter activity with friends and competitors.

Some Questions About FusionTweet.com

What about letting you compare even more than three Twitter users at the same time? FusionTweet.com