FuriousTees.com – Offensive and Humorous T-Shirts

FuriousTees.comA new Canadian based company has jumped on the eCommerce bandwagon and has launched Furious Tees. The site sells t-shirts that are designed to be funny, insulting and clever all simultaneously.

For example, one of their intelligent designs feature a picture of Pavlov with a phrase that asks if the name Pavlov rings a bell. However, an amusing design is a picture of four shot glasses with the phrase ¨One Tequila, Two Tequila, Three Tequila, Floor!¨ with the fourth glass spilled. Furious Tees are selling their shirts for only $19.99 plus shipping and handling and boast the high quality of American Apparel t-shirts used. The homepage features the newest designs but you can also filter by popularity to find what interests you.

FuriousTees.com In Their Own Words

¨FuriousTees.com is a Canadian company that believes everyone has the right to bare arms in one of our famous short sleeve tees. Whenever you want to offend total strangers, start conversations with randoms, amuse your friends, or simply remind the world how devastatingly clever you are, FuriousTees.com is always there to help. Our curators of cool are constantly working to add original designs to our collection so that the sexy never stops.¨

Why FuriousTees.com It Might Be A Killer

The site is simple and gets right to the point of marketing and selling the designs. They also take design ideas from website users, but are unclear about how to send the designs and what is offered to the designer if it is chosen. The t-shirt designs offered aren´t too original, for they have been seen countless times before online and in magazines. And the name itself is a bit misleading for there is nothing furious about these shirts.

Some Questions About FuriousTees.com

How can Furious Tees truly include original designs? How can users submit possible designs and what is in it for them? Can the site include other articles to sell? FuriousTees.com