Fupi.ws – Shortened URLS

Fupi.wsYou’ve no doubt heard of Tiny URLs, the site which takes monstrously long URLs and transforms them into famously crisp and short URLs. Well now there’s Fupi URLs which aims to do the same sort of thing.

Fupi will take your snaking URLS and convert them to short things, but that’s not all. Fupi will redirect these diminutive URLs to the programs of your choice e.g. Twitter, Myspace, Pownce, or you can pass them to pals via email. Password protection for each URL is also offered. As fupi.us only takes up seven characters it makes for an ideal domain name, plus its pretty snappy and easy to remember. Fupi is absolutely free, and extremely easy to use.

Fupi.ws In Their Own Words

“Fupi URLs are are short URLs that automatically redirect to destinations that you choose. By creating a Fupi URL you can add destinations with long URLs to programs like Twitter, Pownce or send them along in emails. You can also password protect your Fupi URL. The url fupi.us only takes up 7 characters making it an ideal domain for a short url service. Plus, the Fupi algorithm for URLs is designed to create the smallest possible sequence of characters.”

Why Fupi.ws It Might Be A Killer

Fupi’s got a cute minnow like appellation and a darling icon to boot. Besides that though, the service is quite handy for light communication sites and presence services. Short and sweet.

Some Questions About Fupi.ws

Fupi doesn’t really add anything new to the short url scheme, will anyone use it? Can you put expirations on urls? Fupi.ws