– All About Your Weekend

FunPiper.comYour weekend. Leisure time is a precious commodity.

Those two days a week are the focal point of your life which is why FunPiper has devised a site dedicated to it. Instead of boring your friends with another one of your reckless end of the week exploits, write about it on FunPiper. Tell the world about your trip to the flea market, your miniature film festival, your tea party. Whatever it is you do on the weekend, FunPiper wants to know. Alternately if you find yourself bored stiff and haven’t an inkling of a clue of what to do, take a look at what others are doing. Read up and get some ideas. FunPiper has compiled a neat listing of catergories to make posting your weekend plans, etc easier. To contribute you’ll need to register, it’s free of course. In Their Own Words

“ is a public place to talk about 29% of your life — your weekend! Do you want to know what others did last weekend? Do you want to tell folks what you are gonna do coming weekend? Do you ever find yourself stuck with “what to do this weekend?” Come to FunPiper. Next time someone asks you about your weekend, don’t talk about it. Write about it! Write about it here at FunPiper and share your joy with the world. Sign upnow!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

FunPiper has taken an interesting approach. It’s light blogging with a specific focus. The results could be Twitter-like. It’s the same sort of appeal; it’s all in the detail. All the interesting tidbits which one reveals little by little end up being quite fascinating.

Some Questions About

Will the FunPiper idea attract users? Is it too simply, too general? The design and structure need work. Will they add more features, reviews of weekend activities, places to go etc? Mobile integration?