– Open Source Desktop Twitter Client Spaz is a cross platform desktop Twitter client based on Adobe Air. Not only is Spaz open source, it’s also quite slick.

It simply looks good. Users will appreciate its simple yet elegant design. They’ll notice that it’s ad-free too. Spaz is completely customizable as well. Users can design their own themes with a little CSS. There are several views—you can see your own tweets and also the tweets of your followers, along with direct messages and the public timeline. Users can add favorite messages and delete old messages. You can be notified of new messages via Spaz’s Tokyo Train Station sound set. Spaz is free to download—you will of course need to load Adobe Air first, if you haven’t done so. In Their Own Words

“Spaz is the opensource desktop Twitter client for Mac, Windows and Linux.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Spaz is not only gorgeous it gives users plenty of options. The feature set is compelling. It works across platforms and it’s free.

Some Questions About

Why the name Spaz? How well does this work? How quick is it to pick up new updates?