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Fundfindr.comFundfindr is a site aiming to put entrepreneurs with great ideas in touch with investors with deep pockets, thereby fueling the creation of new successful businesses. Entrepreneurs can upload a video pitching their idea or their company and investors can watch the videos and decide whether they warrant funding or at least a bit of conversation.

The site is also open to service providers, who can also upload a video pitching their particular talents or services to qualified prospects. The videos that attract the most viewers as well as those that receive the highest opinions, are displayed on the homepage. Funfindr are currently running a $20,000 contest for the most promising entrepreneur so if you have a great idea, submit it and who knows, you just might win. In Their Own Words

“Post your pitch, find funding, get expert advice and more!”

Why It Might Be A Killer

With so many struggling start ups out there, attracting the eye of an investor can be a challenge. Fundfindr could become a popular place where people with good ideas can get some funding. Being able to vote on the submissions should streamline the process by allowing the cream to rise to the top.

Some Questions About

How will they stop this site from becoming bogged down by too many mediocre ideas? The user voting will help to solve this problem but this site will only be a hit if the genuinely good ideas are seen by those looking to invest.