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What Business Advice Should You Trust? The Answer Just Became A Lot Clearer

What’s better than a blowout party after a successful crowdfunding campaign? Knowing how to spend the money best and sustaining progress. (And, please, by all means figure out a way to enjoy both.)



To this end, the business crowdfunding platform Fundable recently acquired, a service that connects entrepreneurs with top advisors and industry experts. For a per-minute fee, entrepreneurs can receive advice directly from the likes of Mark Cuban and Brad Feld.






Whether it’s business strategy, advertising, branding, or product launch that has entrepreneurs unsure of how to move forward, they can find someone on Clarity who’s already successfully navigated the same terrain to coach them along.


Wil Schroter, Founder and CEO of Fundable, told KillerStartups, “Every time we would work with Founders, we kept suggesting that they go to Clarity to get answers to their problems. After a while we thought, ‘Why don’t we just start integrating their service into what we do?’ After talking to the Founder Dan Martell, it made more sense to integrate the company entirely, which is what we did.” (Watch a webinar of the two founders talking about the acquisition – and pick up some killer tips on scaling a business – below.)




Last year alone, over 4,000 experts spent more than 181,026 minutes mentoring entrepreneurs on the phone via Clarity. $167 a minute will put you on the line with Mark Cuban. For those holding to a slimmer bootstrapping budget, there is a supremely impressive list of individuals available to help entrepreneurs when they’re stuck, within a $1-10 per minute price range.


For example, it currently costs just $2 per minute to pick the brain of Ryan Hoover for help with product management. Safe bet the Founder of the smash hit ProductHunt has some valuable insights here (and that his fee will increase – hit him up soon!)






As Schroter said in a blog post announcing the acquisition, “Clarity puts the biggest rolodex of startup experts at every Founder’s disposal.” Mom may know best, but if I’m unsure how to advance building my lean startup, I’m going to go with the suggestions of Eric Ries.


Clarity joins Fundable, as well as Bizplan (helping startups develop business plans) and Launchrock (helping startups create pre-launch landing pages and gain customers), under a newly minted parent brand, The combined forces create the “world’s largest startup launch platform” that gives businesses all the tools and resources they need to go from pipe dream to their own headline-making acquisitions.


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Author : Keith Liles

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