Fund Your Future with Richr

Selling a home is expensive.


This is certainly not news to anyone who has been through the process.  Broker fees upwards of 6% of the sale price – in addition to flat fees – are enough to put a damper on what should be an exciting time.  In some cases, it’s enough to change best laid sale plans altogether.


Many accept this lofty expense as a necessary evil, as the cash ultimately received from the sale tends to spark an “oh well” attitude.  But upon further analysis, why should they? In today’s age of digital listings, brokers add less value to the transaction than they ever have before – making you wonder if they’re even needed at all.


It’s time to rethink real estate with Richr: a free multiple listing service (MLS) platform that’s ushering in the future of home selling.  The cutting-edge solution empowers homeowners and buyers to be independent – providing them with the tools needed to maximize equity by cutting out unnecessary third parties.

Richr provides the homeowner with full control by getting them in front of thousands of potential buyers, at no cost.  Flat fees, broker fees, and other hidden costs are eliminated as your home is listed free of charge on your local MLS – not to mention 750+ additional websites including, Zillow, Trulia, and Redfin.


The result?  A “Richr” experience for all, as sellers keep more of their deserved cash at closing and buyers enjoy a more hassle-free experience.  It’s the collaborative, broker-free, on-demand economies that the real estate space has missed for some time.


Richr users also benefit from an easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide that will steer them through each step of the selling process.  Designed by an expert team of industry professionals, here’s a glimpse at what to expect:


  1. Start with a self-paced primer that includes tips & tricks on how to maximize sale price;
  2. Then, utilize a proprietary tool to begin and execute the listing process;
  3. Once submitted, a licensed agent will contact you to confirm your listing;
  4. Home is added to the MLS and other top platforms for maximum exposure;
  5. Sit back, watch the offers roll in, and let Richr help you select the best one.

Sellers get added peace of mind knowing that their homes will be listed within one business day of signing their agreement, and that they can cancel the listing at any time.


Conceptualized by Founder Glenn Orgin, Richr has only been around since 2018 but is already gaining quite the reputation.  The company has been featured positively in a variety of publications – including Home Business Magazine and the South Florida Business Journal – and recently announced a strategic partnership with Cosmopolic Real Estate.


The platform is also receiving great early user reviews and producing outstanding cash savings on home sales, including over $13,000 in one case.  That’s a new car!


Going forward, Richr plans to expand its market reach outwards from their South Florida Tri-County base (Miami-Dade, Broward, and Palm Beach) – starting with the rest of Florida and then going national.  Continuous technological improvements will also remain a focus.


Want more information on how Richr is changing the game for home sellers?  Check it out for yourself at; or, email the Founder directly at [email protected].


Photos: Richr