Fumpr.com – Easy Image Storage and Sharing

Fumpr.comFumpr is a simple and easy-to-use web-based image storing application. Simply go to Fumpr.

com, and you are presented with an “upload” button. Find the file that you’d like to upload from your desktop, upload it, and you will receive a link to the image which you can share with others or save for future viewing. You can upload images with a size of up to 7.5mb, which should be more than enough for any of your photos. If you are looking for a way of uploading your images without having to register or download anything, Fumpr is a great option which does everything it promises without complicating things with too many extra options.

Fumpr.com In Their Own Words

“Thank you for using fumpr! If you were wondering, I accept all images as long as they abide by legal guidelines. The upload limit is a generous 7.5mb, (I have a big belly), and the image will be hosted forever. If you lose your link, simply upload it again.”

Why Fumpr.com It Might Be A Killer

This is extremely simple to use and it should become a popular means of storing images due to the fact that no registration is required.

Some Questions About Fumpr.com

While it is great that they have kept it incredibly simple, perhaps they could provide a registration option where users could access all of the images they’ve uploaded from a simple dashboard? Fumpr.com