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FullOfThings.comFull Of Things is a classifieds site that aims to provide those who frequent it with “virtually anything”. Having a look at the main list of categories a case can be made that the website comes quite close to achieving it.

There are 10 main categories, and these include “Buy & Sell”, “Car & Vehicles” and “Housing” along with “Jobs” and “Services”. Needless to say, each and every single one of these categories subdivides itself into several others. For instance, the “Buy & Sell” category includes products ranging far and wide like electronics, books and clothes, whereas the one named “Cars & Vehicles” encompasses boats and bikes alongside trucks and RVs.

Besides, a “Social” category which is made up of subsections like “Guys seeking girls” is provided along with a full category which is devoted to events.

On the whole, this site is as comprehensive as it claims to be. But so is Craiglist, and that has been around for longer enough so as to guarantee the veracity of what is being included and listed there. Whether people will go for something like Full Of Things remains to be seen. The fact is that the site is comprehensive, and that an effort has clearly been made for coming up with something which is competitive enough.

FullOfThings.com In Their Own Words

“Buy or sell stuff, find a service, rent a house, secure a job, post an event, make a friend… or do virtually anything.”

Why FullOfThings.com It Might Be A Killer

People looking for an alternative to other classified sites might find it interesting enough as to merit a couple of visits.

Some Questions About FullOfThings.com

Will it manage to catch on? FullOfThings.com