Fueledbyramen.com – Record Label

Fueledbyramen.comFueled By Ramen began the same way most independent record labels do. Vinnie, the drummer for Less Than Jake, and college freshman John Janick started FBR eleven years ago.

First releases include a number of rare, e-bay worthy seven inches, flexi discs and limited press run cds from bands like Less Than Jake, Bigwig, The Hippos, and The Impossibles. Since then, Fueled By Ramen has grown exponentially and has released over 50 albums. FBR’s distribution has expanded to Europe and Japan, and over the years the label has served as home to a few international acts as well. FBR’s musical direction has expanded to the point where many pop, hardcore, indie and electronic acts play a prominent role in the label’s sound and future. Their reputation as an independent music leader has helped to achieve recognition for bands like Fall Out Boy, Panic! At the Disco, Gym Class Heroes, and The Academy Is…. At the site you will find news, releases, bands, a store, shows, ringtones, a journal, and many more. Fueledbyramen.com