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Fuboh.comFuboh is a new social resource that comes right in time for the most exciting part of the current FIFA World Cup, IE the semifinals and the big final. The competition has already become hectic with the Dutch upsetting Argentina and with Uruguay defeating Ghana in one of the most dramatic matches ever, with Uruguayan forward Luis Suarez using his hands to block a shot on goal at the last minute and being sent off at the same time Ghana was awarded a penalty kick.

What ensued was even more dramatic, as Gyan’s shot hit the post and both teams had to go for a penalty shootout. Uruguay emerged as the eventual winner.

You can imagine the amount of debate such a game has generated, and the debates that are yet to come now that the tournament is drawing to a close. This site is here to cater for these, as it is a spot for people who are passionate about football to comment, opine and debate with like-minded individuals. The best thing is that a self-regulatory system has already been implemented in order to avoid flame wars (the main concern when it comes to sites like this one). This means that (if you want) only your real friends will see what you have written.

Fuboh.com In Their Own Words

“Your football news!”

Why Fuboh.com It Might Be A Killer

It gives people who love the sport a ready chance to talk among themselves in a setting which is free from flame wars.

Some Questions About Fuboh.com

What will happen to this site once the World Cup ends? Will it still be around? Fuboh.com