FTFun.com – Connect With Other FaceTime Device Owners

FTFun.comWe can define FTFun as a community site that is conformed by FaceTime device owners only. That is, people who have an iPhone 4, a 4th Generation iPod Touch or that are running the FaceTime app on their Macs.

Here, they will be capable of connecting with other people who own any such device without having to disclose their phone numbers or email addresses in social sites and places like forums. Because that is the problem with FaceTime as it currently stands – it is not possible to know which friends are also using the service.

That is something Apple is obviously going to take care of before too long. Yet, sites like this one are going to fill the gap in the meantime.

Using FTFun involves signing up on the site and downloading the (free) FTFun application. Once this app has been installed and launched, the user will be informed about these individuals that they know who are available to talk. It is as simple as that.

FTFun.com In Their Own Words

A FaceTime Community.

Why FTFun.com It Might Be A Killer

It covers a major gap in the way FaceTime currently works.

Some Questions About FTFun.com

How long will it take before Apple itself improves the way FaceTime works? FTFun.com