How Do Visual Artists Meet? FStop

As anyone who has attempted to make art of any kind can affirm, achievement requires both an individual and a collaborative effort. Even writing, perhaps the most solitary art, needs listeners at readings and editors and publishers and social media promoters and a host of others to find its audience.


The individual aspect comes naturally for those inclined to devote themselves to their craft. Meeting other artists, finding a way to connect with the larger world… that takes an entirely different set of skills that a lot of artists don’t innately possess.


Enter into this picture: FStop.




FStop, likening itself to the Tinder for artistic collaboration and commerce, is a web app for visual artists to connect more easily. A simple, swiping interface allows potential collaborators to quickly search for their ideal artistic matches.


FStop is meant for visual artists of all stripes – photographers, models, retouchers, makeup artists, wardrobe stylists, fine artists, hair stylists, filmmakers, etc. FStop also serves as a meeting place for brands and consumers looking to hire models and artistic talent.


After creating a profile, artists can immediately begin swiping through profiles and striking up conversations with positive matches. FStop is built for mobile devices for maximum convenience (currently available on iOS). Moreover, notifications via text message, email and the like allow members to receive opportunities while on the go.


Members have a number of security and privacy controls that allow them to manage their exposure. Filters also help members connect efficiently with appropriate collaborators. For example, FStop supports casting calls aimed at people with all the attributes the hiring party is actively looking for.


After working together, members can leave reviews so that others gain a better sense of what it’s truly like to work with so and so. The intention here is to become “the world’s most friendly social marketplace for visual artists.”


For a sense of the blossoming FStop community and to gaze at some of the artists’ creations, check out the FStop blog –




Ready to break out of solitary confinement? Enthusiastic about meeting the right creative souls to see your projects completed, without first embarking on an epic search? Then learn more about the web app and request beta access at


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