Fruzo Refreshes The Online Dating Scene With Video Chat

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If there’s one thing that the experiences of dating apps tend to share, it’s disappointment.

The major reason for this: when a date finally happens, the person in real life doesn’t match the person the app got you excited about meeting. Maybe the photo was misleading. Maybe someone is incredibly charming texting, but not so engaging face to face. Maybe the letdown was an unavoidable and you had to meet to realize you could never work, or maybe someone was being a creepy jerk and if they’d been more honest about themselves in the first place you could have been spared a torturous date…

The list goes on an on. But Fruzo has a simple solution that puts a stop to so much nonsense – video chat!

Yes, Fruzo gives people a chance to meet virtually before agreeing to meet in person. This lets people really know who they are talking to, and avoids so many unpleasant first encounters. Hard to believe, but Fruzo is the first dating social network that uses video chat to connect potential matches.

“Unlike other dating apps or social network websites, Fruzo offer users the chance to find a match, connect with new people, video chat, follow people, and make friends all within the same service.”

Sure you have profiles and can scroll through pictures as you would with other dating apps, but Fruzo doesn’t rest there. Using your webcam, you can video chat with people before meeting in person.

Fruzo is also about more than a first meeting. It lets people follow up with matches via regular updates if not personal communication. Users can try to meet friends as well, and keep tabs on connections as they would on other social networks by using Fruzo’s Friend List.

Fruzo is a free app, currently available for download on the App Store. Users can connect with people around the world, at home or on the go, either on desktop or mobile devices.

Here are some of the key features of Fruzo:

  • Create a personal profile with photos, location, age, and description
  • Randomly video chat with thousands of strangers using the camera on your smartphone
  • Filter users you connect with by country
  • Keep in touch with people you meet by adding them as friends on your profile
  • Send private messages and chat instantly to other Fruzo members
  • Search for new friends by location, age, gender, or relationship status
  • Browse photos of other Fruzo members and add them to your friends
  • Stay connected and anonymous without giving out personal details

If you’re tired of scrolling through endless pictures and investing a lot of energy in meeting people that turn out not to be who you thought they were, it’s time for a new approach. Meet first via video chat on Fruzo. For more details, visit

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