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Frugalo.comThat there’s too many daily deal sites around became too obvious over the last couple of days, with inboxes becoming stuffed over Black Friday and Cyber Monday. I bet you received more offers right then that you could check in two months, let alone two days. And I’m sure that if you didn’t unsubscribe from a good couple of services when that happened, then you came pretty close to doing so.

Well, Frugalo is a new service that’s been created to change all that, and to give you a more focused experience when it comes to daily deals. Essentially, Frugalo is a service that takes your social graph into account when recommending deals to you. Frugalo can look at these deals your best friends are buying, and (when it comes to limited-time offers) notify you well before the deal has closed so that you can buy it together.

And by looking at all your past and present purchases, Frugalo can figure out your true interests, and begin sending you deals that are more and more relevant each day.

Plus, Frugalo comes with a handy dashboard for managing all these deals that you get to purchase. Frugalo can import all that information from your Gmail account, and it can also handle all your purchase confirmation emails. In Their Own Words

The best way for you and your friends to discover and share great deals.

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When will we see a daily deals website with a really well-developed social element?