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FrontPorchForum.comFront Porch Forum hosts online neighborhood forums. This service is available currently in the pilot area of greater Burlington, VT, USA, where they host 130 such forums.


More than 30% of Burlington households subscribe already. People find lost cats, borrow ladders, report break-ins, debate politics, sell cars, give away strollers, organize block parties, get potholes filled and more. And all of this is done with clearly identified nearby neighbors, so, over time, people get to know one another and the sense of community within the neighborhood grows. In Their Own Words

“Your neighborhood’s forum is only open to the people who live there. It’s free and requires no work from you. Simply join and receive occasional email newsletters written by your neighbors. Contribute messages as you like. It’s all about helping neighbors connect.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Not only is Front Porch Forum a great place to get things done (buy, sell, announce, organize, advocate, give away, etc.), but through its award-winning design it helps people feel a genuine part of their community and plug into the neighborhood grapevine. Neighbors are moving from the virtual to their actual front porch every day.

Some Questions About

How many other sites are competing for the same pool of people?

Author : Bill Webb

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