– Group Gift Giving Made Simple is all about group gifts – they’re the go-to site for everyone who needs to organize a group gift, invite people to pitch in, and have the gift delivered without the hassle.

Anyone who’s organized a group gift has probably endured the frustrating and time-consuming challenge. They have, and instead of feeling joy in gift giving, they felt frustrated. They thought, there has to be an easier, better way. from: Everyone automates every step online; from inviting and collecting contributions, to packaging and delivering the gift or charitable donation, it takes just minutes for organizers to get started and for participants to pitch in. from: Everyone makes group gift giving simple. Select a gift card from the most popular brand-name stores, gather your addresses and emails and invite contributors via our easy email form, and activate your group gift by making the initial contribution and you’re done. Then, on the designated day, the gift is on its way. In Their Own Words

“from: Everyone is the first online service to make group gift giving simple, thoughtful and convenient for all.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

There’s nothing like from: Everyone on the web. They’re two local moms, with 5 kids between the two of them, who have become entrepreneurs overnight. They invented from: Everyone’s patent-pending solution to simplify the group gift giving experience for everyone. How awesome is it that you can now organize a gift for Uncle Joe’s 40th birthday, invite all the cousins to pitch in, choose the perfect gift (have it sent), and never have to leave your laptop.

Some Questions About

Do they set a minimum amount on the gift card?