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Frogster.comFrogster can be termed a social networking resource that is geared towards gamers. Here they can play flash games, compete against each other and later on socialize in the chatrooms that are provided.


Besides, the provided leaderboards are bound to bring the most competitive (and hence the most entertaining) side on everybody.

Just as in Facebook, groups and events can be created. You can gang up with people who share your very same gaming tastes, and you can take online bonds offline by organizing a gathering in the physical world.

Profiles are created at no cost, and they bear all the features that sites like MySpace and Facebook have made common currency – you can upload pictures, stream videos, write blogs, post comments… A profile is created by supplying personal and contact information, and although you are not required to upload a picture adding one is obviously advisable to make others become interested in who you are. And if you are as photogenic as a gargoyle simply create an avatar. After all, is there a better context to use one than a site devoted to gaming? In Their Own Words

“Frogster is the social gaming network with a difference.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

It hits every note that a social network has to hit in order not to go unnoticed.

Some Questions About

Can up-and-coming game developers advertise what they do on the site?

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