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Visitors to are immediately greeted with an eye-catching homepage. The site offers tiny screenshots of their more than 250 games. This is not because it offers a very big amount of games (although they aren’t few either), but the homepage itself is set-up as a 12 x 22 grid of alluring screenshots from Friv games such as Cannibal Casserole, Pigstacks, and Cover Orange. For first time visitors to Friv, it can be difficult to choose just one game to start with. Don’t worry! Just jump right in and enjoy free online games from Friv, keeping in mind that you can come back time and time again and try each and every Friv game and play until you want.

Just click any of the tiny Friv game screenshots to get started. As each game is loading, a panel on the left-hand side of the screen shows players witch keyboard or mouse buttons to push to play the game. This feature often allows users to get started playing right away, without having to read long, boring instructions. That’s great news for casual players!

After folks have opened a game and even after they’ve started playing, a green “back” arrow in the upper left-hand corner of the screen allows players to return to the main menu of games at any time. This allows casual player and adventurers alike to check out the wide selection of games has to offer, including Pac Xon, Dirty Bubble Busters, Scooby Trap, and Black Devilfish.

Seeing the games available not in a written list but in small screenshots does not keep you from enjoying the site. Rather, it makes a bit more intriguing to find each game, adding to the fun.

For arcade style games, adventure, word puzzles and more, Friv.comhas one of the largest selections of free online games available.

has one of the largest selections of free online games available. In Their Own Words

“Only the very best online games.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Friv will keep you entertained. Whether it’s a slow workday or a slow party day, Friv has all the games to keep you occupied.

Some Questions About

Will users like the games Friv has? Or will they tire of them easily? Is it simply a gimmick site? How many games do they add per day/week/month? Did you know that Colombia is the country that brings them more visitors?