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FriendsWithRooms.comWhy go looking for a flatmate on sites that you’ve never tried before when you can use Facebook instead? The choice between a site that you really know nothing about and the most popular website in the world should be an easy one, shouldn’t it? That’s what the folks who have created Friends With Rooms certainly thought, and I’m sure mostly everybody would have to agree with them. Based on Facebook, this site can be used by any person who’s looking for a place to live, and who would feel much better if he could find a friend with a room to spare instead of an utter stranger. If that’s the way you think things should be done, then just head to right now and sign in using your Facebook account. This will let you find social network contacts that can supply you with a room, right in the area you specify, and for as much money as you can spend.

On the other hand, if you have some vacant rooms where you live and you want to put them to a good use (not to mention making some money), then this site lets you have them listed for all of your Facebook friends to find. All of your Facebook friends, and their own friends in turn. The idea is to create a chain of trusted connections, and certainly accomplishes that by letting you get in touch with people you’ll always know you can rely on. In Their Own Words

We use Facebook to find your (Facebook) friends with rooms.

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