– Spy On Friend Feed Content

FriendFeedSpy.comFriendFeed Spy, engineered by the creator of Twitter Spy, is a simple mashup that uses popular content-sharing stie FriendFeed’s API in order to allow its users to “spy” on what others are posting on the original site. Upon arriving at the home page, you’ll be presented with a real-time list of what FriendFeed users have shared in the past few seconds.

You can see the user name, type of content posted along with where it was posted, and you can comment on the content or link directly over to it. Because of the large volume of content posted on FriendFeed, FriendFeed Spy does not provide every bit of information shared on FriendFeed, nor can you narrow down the list of who you spy on to only your friends (though the creator is working on making this an option).

Why It Might Be A Killer

FriendFeedSpy is a fun way to check out what people beyond your circle of friends are sharing. It could be a good way to stay up to date on the latests in news and entertainment, as well as exposing yourself to media that you otherwise might not stumble across. The real-time scrolling list updates literally every second, so there is constantly new content available for viewing.

Some Questions About

It’s unclear whether people would really want to see what random other people are sharing on FriendFeed. The site is almost overwhelming; content grabbed from FriendFeed comes and goes very quickly and there is currently no way to filter out which users you would like to “spy” on or not.