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Friendfeedmachine.comThe recent release of the FriendFeed API will most likely bring about a host of new applications for the increasingly popular FriendFeed site. FriendFeedmachine is one of these new applications that has been designed to allow users to keep track of their actual friends by making sure that they aren’t drowned out by followers who make more noise.


Basically, FriendFeedMachine works by allowing users to apply filters to their FriendFeed account and in that manner stop missing messages from their close friends. The site also provides a different way of commenting, opening items from within a web page and it allows users to mark items as read or unread. In Their Own Words

“FriendFeedMachine was born out of a desire to streamline the information that was flowing out of FriendFeed, in effect to “Orga-noise”. The functionality of the site will continue to grow over time as more features become exposed through the FriendFeed API and other services (Twitter integration on the way!!).”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those familiar with FriendFeed will know that as the site has grown in popularity, certain followers have drowned out true friends which defeats the whole purpose of the site. By allowing users to distinguish between who you follow and who follows you, FriendFeedMachine makes using FriendFeed a better experience.

Some Questions About

A similar functionality would obviously be great for Twitter as well. When will they be launching a similar site for Twitter?

Author : Caroline Bright

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