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FriendBinder.comFriendBinder is a new web-based service that comes from a British company, and that has one concise objective: empowering users to keep track of what their friends are doing on the many different social networks available today – all in the same place.


In addition to enabling users to quickly and smoothly follow friends on the most popular social networks, through the site it is possible to post updates both to Facebook and Twitter.

In the latter case, support for retweets is also provided. Finally, sites like Flickr and YouTube are already accounted for and media found there is fully accessible and viewable.

The way the system works implies that your friends do not have to join the site for you to see what they are up to, or what they have uploaded. Speaking of joining the site, it has just become available to absolutely everybody. It was previously available to those who had an invitation only. Now you just have to furnish the prototypical account information and choose whether you wish to have a public or private account to go with. You can change that later on, too. In Their Own Words

“Friendbinder brings together your friends from different social networks. It lets you keep track of all your friends in one place, saving you time and lets you post updates and replies.”

Why It Might Be A Killer

Those who are active on the social web will surely deem the connectivity it brings about as a good asset.

Some Questions About

Will other social services be supported along the way?

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